Creative like kids

Creativity arises when children are given the opportunity and time to investigate. Learning through experience (experiential learning). It starts with an idea. Set the process in motion and expand your ideas. Look at it from different angles. Add or remove things, ask questions, take a break or start again. Be curious!

Creative Like Kids strengthens the creative development of children, so they become creative adults.


Travelling is my way of life

Creative like Kids is an initiative of Nicole de Beer. I’m a creative woman who loves to travel. Travelling is my way of life. It keeps me open minded. It shows me there is no standard way of doing things. What’s accepted in your country is not done 500km away.

The important thing is, never
stop questioning. Curiosity has
its own reason for existing.
– Albert Einstein –

Creative thinking

Children are creative by nature. It’s easy for them to be process-oriented. As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.” Adults are more focused on the results and in a grown-up world, you need to act like an adult. It will be valuable to maintain process-oriented thinking skills (creative thinking skills). It is about imagination, trying new ways of doing things, and experimenting. Especially these days, people have high expectations in life but at the same time, things are less and less self-evident. 

Creative problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills are important for children’s life. Now and in the future.


Creative like Kids wants to inspire parents and teachers (early year and primary school). Showing them the importance of creative (thinking) skills. Awareness of the creative development of children and more creative activities at home, kindergarten, and schools. I can support them by sharing my knowledge and providing various services and products.